Report the preparation of stock solution of 0.04M of sulphoric acid

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  1. You mean sulfuric acid (US) or sulphuric acid (UK). And you need to know what the beginning concentration of H2SO4 is. Also you need to know how much stock solution you need. Let's assume you want 1000 mL of the 0.04M solution. The stuff in the pure bottle comes out to be about 18 M. So you want to dilute from 18 M to 0.04M and end up with 1000 mL of the solution.
    mL1 x M1 = mL2 x M2
    mL1 x 18 = 1000 x 0.04
    Solve for mL1 of the 18 M stuff and make to 1000 mL. The resulting solution will be 0.04M.

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