How much % above the cost price should a shopkeeper mark his good so that after allowing a discount of 10%, he should gain 26%?
The diameter of a circle is 10cm. If the distance of a chord from the centre of the circle be 4cm then , find the length of the chord.

Pls hlp!

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  1. If there is a markup of m, then we have

    (1+m) * .90 = 1.26
    m = 0.4, or 40%

    Draw the chord, and a radius which bisects it, and the radii to the two ends. Then you will note that you have two 3-4-5 right triangles. So, the chord length is 6.

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  2. Rahim's first sum............... Cost price=100%. Gain=26%, meaning that selling price is 126% after 10% discount. So marked price before discount was 126%+10%. Therefore marked price should be at 136%

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  3. Rahim's second sum............... Diameter=10cm.. Radius=10/2=5cm. So we have formed a right angled triangle with hypotenuse 5cm,height 4cm and base as half of chord. So we are to use pythagorous theorem. 5 square=4square +half chord square.. So 5^2=4^2+(1/2 chord)^2. 25-16=(1/2chord)^2. 9=(1/2 chord)^2. Root 9=1/2 chord. 3=1/2 chord. So full chord is 3*2 which is equal to 6cm ........................... Rahim second sum....................... Cost price=100%. Gain=26%, meaning that selling price is 126% after 10% discount. So marked price before discount was 126%+10%. Therefore marked price should be at 136%

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  4. Better check your math. The markup is not 36%, since the 10% discount also applies to part of the markup.

    Try some actual numbers.

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