1. Put the turtle in the sun more often, and she'll get better soon!

2. Put the turtle in the sun oftener, and she'll get better soon!

Q1: Which one is right, #1 or #2?
Do we have to use 'more often' or 'oftener'?

Q2:Is 'better' the comparative of 'well' or 'good'?

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  1. In 1 and 2, the comma is not necessary. See my comments on another post in this regard. "more often" is correct, "oftener" is not. Q2: "better" is a comparative for both "well" and "good". Examples: I feel better today than I did yesterday. I got a better score on this test than I got on last week's test. This soda tastes better than that one. I got a good score on my test. I feel quite well today, thank you! I feel good today. I did well on my exams.

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