algebra (check answers)

1. what equation represents the following word sentence?
the quotient of a number b and 0.3 equals negative 10
i think it's b/0.3 = -10

2. which equation is equivalent to the following equation?
-3/4x + 1/8 = -3/8
a. -3/4x = -3/8 - 1/8
b. -3/4x = -3/8 + 1/8
c. x + 1/8 = -3/8 * (-4/3)
d. x + 1/8 = -3/8 * (-3/4)
i think it's b

3. a student was solving the following equation:
-96 = -6(x - 15)
-96 = -6x - 90
-96 + 90 = -6x - 90 + 90
-6 = -6x
-6/-6 = -6x/-6x
1 = x
what should they do to correct the error that they made?
a. first add 6 to both sides
b. first subtract x from both sides
c. distribute the -6 to get 6x - 90
d. distribute the -6 to get -6x + 90
i think it's c

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  1. Can someone please help?

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  2. #1 ok
    #2 Nope. Try (a) since you have to subtract 1/8 from both sides.
    #3 d (-6)(-15) = +90
    3(c) is exactly what they did wrong. You want to correct the mistake, not repeat it.

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  3. #1- ok
    #2- is (a) because you have to subtract 1/8 from both sides
    #3- (c) because you want to correct the mistake not repeat over again

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