premier nursery and primary school

a boy spent half of his money on sweet and one quarter on kolanut,if he has 6 naira left,how much does he have initially

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  1. When the Brain Quest Workbook arrived, I was iimtdmaeely impressed by it's sheer size. This book is quite comprehensive, covering every topic your Kindergartener is likely to learn during the entire school year. The topics are well organized (utilizing a color-coded page-edge system to make it easy to flip to the subject you want to work on) and approached from more than one angle, allowing you to find the method that works best for your little learner. None of the activities are particularly challenging, per se, so I wouldn't recommend this be your only learning tool (i.e.-homeschooling curriculum), but as a reinforcement of the things they're already learning it's a great resource. My son loves to work on the pages, and I have a few tucked in my purse (they're conveniently perforated along the spine for easy removal) for restaurants and doctors office waiting rooms.

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