Anuja is baking cookies for her slumber party this weekend. She has one super size package of Sugar Sprinkles and one super size package of Chocolate Turtles. Both packages had to be mixed with flour, brown sugar, and water.

The Sugar Sprinkles package contained of a cup of mix that needs to be mixed with cups of flour, cups of brown sugar, and cups of water. The directions indicate to use 0.1125 of a cup of dough to make one cookie and 1 batch should make a total of
Sugar Sprinkles cookies.

The Chocolate Turtle package contained 0.875 of a cup of mix that needs to be mixed with 3.25 cups of flour, 2.5 cups of brown sugar, and 3.75 cups of water. The directions indicate to use of a cup of dough to make one cookie and 1 batch should make a total of
Chocolate Turtle cookies.

The difference in the number of cookies of each type is

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  1. We need more information about the Sugar Sprinkles.

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    Ms. Sue

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