The wolf is the largest member of the dog family and is a skilled hunter. In many places, some species of wolves are
endangered. People should help preserve this creature, for it is a highly sophisticated social animal.
Wolves live in packs. Each pack contains six to eight wolves with one hierarchy for the males and another for the females. The dominant leaders are called the alpha male and the alpha female. They rule their respective hierarchies, with the male being the overall leader of the pack. Within the pack only these two animals mate. The remaining animals have helped hunt and care for the pups of the alpha couple.
Wolves communicate in many ways. They use body language to show dominance or submission. And, of course, they howl.
The howl of a wolf is a thing of legend. It talks to our imagination. It fills us with mystery and intrigue. But to these animals, it is just a way to talk. Sometimes wolves howl to express pleasure. Sometimes they howl to tell another pack where the territory is. Sometimes they howl to gather the pack together. They mark their territory with scents to let other packs know to
stay away. Whatever the reason, these animals are communicators. They are social beings with social talk, and people should recognize that fact. I believe once we do so, we will want to preserve these beautiful creatures.

Which sentence best supports the argument of this passage?

a. People have been unable to domesticate the wolf.***
b. Wolves are a public nuisance in farming country.
c. Wolves live in extended families like many humans.
d. Wolves can live wherever humans can live.

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  1. I disagree.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I'm leaning more towards C. There's nothing in the passage to support A. But C it's giving a comparison to why we should preserve these animals.

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  3. Thanks, Emma!

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  4. Yep :)

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  5. Everyone disagreed to Ms. sue

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