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You are standing on a large sheet of frictionless ice and holding a large rock. In order to get off the ice, you throw the rock so it has velocity 11.9 m/s relative to the earth at an angle of 36.8∘ above the horizontal.
If your mass is 70.5 kg and the rock’s mass is 14.8 kg, what is your speed after you throw the rock?

I know I have to work with Impulse and that I have to calculate vx and vy. However, after I have calculated the separate velocities, I don't know how to proceed further. Thanks in advance!

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  1. There is no vertical problem here, no vertical motion

    final momentum = initial momentum = 0
    horizontal speed of rock = 11.9 cos 36.8

    14.8*11.9 cos 36.8 - 70.5 v = 0

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