1.Which literary device is used in the following sentence?

According to that report, these special materials can bend "radar light, or other waves around an object like water flowing around a smooth rock in a stream."

2.Choose the term that describes the underlined phrase.

The storm (which was a Category 3 hurricane,)damage the beaches along the eastern coast of the island.
A.noun clause
B.adverb clause
C.adjective clause
D.independent clause

3.Choose the term that best describe the underlined phrase.

(This is a battle) about which little is known.
A.noun clause
B.adverb clause
C.adjective clause
D.independent clause

4.Which of the following sentences best reflect chronological order?

A.George Washington carver became known for his research on plant biology.
B.He attended Simpson College from 1890, and enrolled in Iowa State Agricultural College the following year.
C.Carver discovered more than one hundred uses for peanuts, including peanut butter.
D.He created a mobile school to take education to farmers who could not attend universities.

5.Use context clues to determine the meaning of the underlined word in the sentence below.

The television show "Unanswered Questions" featured twins who had been adopted and raised by different families but shared (uncanny)similarities in their personalities and behavior.

A.annoying; irritating
B.unremarkable; expected
C.humorous; amusing
D.mysterious; spooky

I think 1 is A, 2 is C, 3 is C, 4 is B, and 5 is D. please correct me if im wrong.

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  1. 3 is incorrect.

    The others are correct.

  2. for #3 I think it's A
    because my two opinions is A and D

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  3. 3 is D.

  4. so is it d

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