Reiny - the problem with the different inequality signs was typed from the textbook. I will notify instructor Thanks

Another problem
1st part
30/5 < 5x/5

2nd part
5x/5 < 80/5

combine 6<x<16

Am I correct?

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  1. you can do both at once

    3 < 5x-27 < 53
    30 < 5x < 80
    6 < x < 16

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  2. the nice thing about having the orientation of the inequality signs going the same way is that you can just perform the solution as it stands

    you are trying to get just "x" in the middle, so
    add 27 to all parts

    30 < 5x < 80
    divide by +5

    6 < x < 16 , same as yours

    Now wasn't that easy, just took 2 steps.
    That is why the orientation of the signs going the same way is so important.

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  3. Thanks

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