Social studies

Can ya'll check my answer and help me with the 2 I don't know? :)

Sectionalism grew in the southern states due to

A) an increase in federal regulations on southern industry.
B) holidays established to celebrate national events.
C) the South's economic dependency on slavery.****
D) a weakened sense of regional identity

How did the national bank regulate the nations economy?

A)It controlled the supply of currency.
B)It made loans to businesses.
C)It sold government bonds.
D)It paid high interest rates.

When South Carolina's capital was move from Charles Town, what name was given to the new seat of state government?

D)Rock Hill

How did the Embargo Act of 1807 affect South Carolina?

A) It hurt the sale of the planters rice and cotton
B) It hurt the planters who needed British manufactured goods
C) It hurt the aristocrats who could no longer send their sons to school in England
D) It hurt the small farmers who needed to import food products from the West Indies. ****

Which of the following does NOT describe the war of 1812?

A)Most of the capitol, Washington DC, was burned.
B)Southern troops refused to fight in Northern states.
C)Battles were fought in the U.S. and Canada.
D)A battle at Fort henry inspired the national anthem.

My answers:

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  1. You are right on the ones you have answered. For #2, which National Bank; the first or second? For #5, please read this:

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  2. Ok thanks so much @reed. :)

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  3. Reeds helped me before so I think she or he is right.

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  4. I hope so, Cole. :) And I'm a him.

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  5. Haha ok I just wasn't sure. lol

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  6. reed why you gotta be like that man ion know what we learning about just give the answer dude don't put links put a answer

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  7. You're 4 years late

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  8. when they reuse the tests we arnt really late

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  9. 2 is A

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