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1.)TRUE OR FALSE: Scientific investigations involve testable questions. *


2.)Which of the following would not be a reliable place to find research for a scientific investigation? *

science journals

3.)Why should a scientist reapeat an experiment several times before reporting the results? *

to make a reliable hypothesis
to prevent other scientists from doing the same thing
to fix any predictions that may have been incorrect
to ensure the results are valid and did not happen by accident

4.)Scientific theories are... *

supported by evidence
unable to change
based on opinions

5.)A student is conducting an experiment by dropping objects with different masses from the same height. The student records the time it takes for the object to reach the ground. What is the independent variable in this experiment? *

time the object travels
mass of the object
the stopwatch used
height from which the object is dropped

6.)Which of the following is true about scientific models? *

they are always accurate
it must involve electricity
helps people visualize a concept
it has to be on a computer

7.)Which of the following would be the best type of model for a person trying to learn about the location of oceans on the Earth? *

a map of the United States
a globe
a solar system poster

8.)Which of the following is part of scientific inquiry? *

knowing the answer before you start
guessing what happens instead of completing an investigation
conducting surveys on the topic
conducting experiments based on scientific questions

9.)When results of an investigation go against the hypothesis, what should be the result? *

throw out the investigation- something must have been incorrect
make up a new hypothesis- scientists don't want to be wrong
report the results- it is ok the hypothesis wasn't supported
start over with a new question- only move forward when the hypothesis is true

10.)If more than one variable is changed at a time, what happens? *

the scientist needs to complete more trials
the scientist cannot tell which change produced the results
the results will be more accurate

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  4. When a scientist conducts an investigation, which of the following is the first thing he or
    she should do?

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