Language Arts

Write a complete sentence using the past participle of the verb in ( ) with has or have.
1. Mr. Hancock (run) the museum for five years.
Answer: Mr. Hancock has ran the museum for five years.
2. He (chose) May as membership drive month.
Answer: He has chosen May as membership drive month.
3. He (speak) to many organizations.
Answer: He has spoken to many organizations.
4. I (do) it!
Answer: I have done it!
5. The membership list (grow) quite large.
Answer: The membership list has grown quite large.
6. The new dinosaur education wing (draw) new members.
Answer: The new dinosaur education wing has drawn new members.
7. The secret will be (to know) by tomorrow morning.
8. Once I get back from the hike, my boots will be well (to wear)

Can you please look over the above and let me know if I have made any mistakes.
I am also confused on number 7 and 8
Please help me with those.

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  1. 1. No. The past participle of run is not ran.

    7. We have known the secret since yesterday.

    I'll be glad to check your answer for 8.

    The rest are correct.

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    Ms. Sue

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