Can you please check my answers?
1. Throughout the night the security guard walked from store to store. Subject: guard Verb: walked
Prepositional phrase: throughout the night, from store to store
2. The meeting concerning the new town hall met at the library. Subject: meeting verb: met Phrase: concerning the new town hall, at the library
3. During the celebration everyone except mother flew to San Diego. Subject: everyone Verb: flew
Phrase: during the celebration, except mother
4. On the moonlit night, the deer appeared in a field by the quiet stream. Subject: deer verb: appeared phrase: on the moonlit night, in a field, by the quiet stream
5. The student walked out the door among his friends during graduation practice.
Verb: walked subject: student phrase: out the door, among his friends, during graduation practice.
6. The treasure was buried underneath a tree near the railroad car. Subject: treasure verb: was
Phrase: buried underneath a tree near the railroad car
7. The movie star walked among the fans and across the street to the theater. Verb: walked, across subject: star phrase: among the fans, to the theater
8. Out the door and into the car scurried the woman with her brown briefcase. Verb: scurried
Subject: woman phrase: out the door, into the car, with her brown briefcase
9. The person beside me plays a flute on our band. Verb: plays subject: person phrase: beside me, on our band
10. The dancers waltzed off the floor and went outside for some cool air. Subject: dancers verb: waltzed phrase: off the floor, went outside for some cool air
11. Go to the snack bar before the movie.
Subject:( you) verb: go phrase: to the snack bar, before the movie
12. From 5 o'clock until 8 o'clock, I wandered around the building to find my mother. Subject: I verb: wandered phrase: from 5 o'clock until 8 o'clock, around the building, to find my mother
13. Some spectators in the back row of the rodeo jeered at the clowns after the last event.
Verb: jeered subject : spectators phrase: in the back row, after the last event
14. Around the house and across the street ran a little squirrel with an acorn in his mouth. Verb: ran
Subject: squirrel phrase: around the house, across the street, with an acorn, in his mouth
15. During the storm, the wind blew inside the house from the north. Verb: blew subject: wind phrase: during the storm, inside the house, from the north

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  1. There are three phrases in 1, 3

    6. Was is a helping verb. What is the main verb? There are two phrases.
    7 is all goofed up. The verb and two phrases are right.
    10. This sentence has two verbs and two phrases.
    12. to find is not a prepositional phrase.
    13. There are two more phrases.

    Everything else is right.

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    Ms. Sue

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