Algebra 1, Physics

Muriel and Connie are playing a game of catch. They decided it would be fun to stand on different sides of the building and throw the ball back and forth. Muriel can throw the ball with a velocity of 14 m/s, and Connie can throw with a velocity of 16 m/s. Each stands 10 m from the building. The paths of the ball are:

Muriel: y= -9.8/14(squared)x(squared) +x + 2

Connie: y= -9.8/16(squared)x(squared) + x + 2

Might they have broken any windows? Explain.

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  1. for Muriel height at x = 10:
    y = - (9.8/14^2) (100) + 10 + 2
    y = -5+12 = 7 meters high
    for Connie height at x = 10
    y = -(9.8/16^2)100 + 10 + 2
    = -3.8 +10 + 2
    = 8.2 m high

    7 meters is about 21 feet. That is not very high but will do 1 story with a slightly pitched roof.

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