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Hello, I go to C.A and this is a review before my last test. I think I know the answers but just looking for someone to double check! Please help :-)

1. What effect does Father’s return have on the Sakane family?
A Yuki finds it hard to adjust to having both parents tell her what to do
B Yuki’s mother continues to worry about the safety of her family
C Ken is relieved that his father will take over as head of the family
D The family regains a sense of safety and security with Father

2. Which of the following passages from the text best illustrates Yuki’s hopeful outlook?
A Yuki wished she had never stopped Ken from going out to college when he wanted Unlike Emi’s grandmother who felt good and bad signs in almost everything, Yuki’s feelings rarely turned out to be much more than wishful thinking.
B Yuki watched eagerly for further signs of spring, for the doctors had said that was when Emi might come home
C Yuki felt strange being the one to climb onto the bus clutching the precious pass that would let her out of the gates.

3. Mr. Toda most likely warns Father about the plans of the gang of agitators because?
A he thinks Father is being stubborn by staying
B he wants Father to tell the authorities of their actions
C he wants Father to keep Yuki and her mother safe
D he feels guilty about his own involvement in the gang.

4. Choose the meaning that best matches the word in italics. The high winds dispersed the fog as it was creeping across the lake. We then saw the sun for the first time that day.
A Disturbed
B Separated
C Stirred

5. Which of the following statements best illustrates the political and social climate of the Topaz internment camp after Father returns home?
A The residents conducted peaceful demonstrations to protest their imprisonment.
B Dwindling food and supplies caused increased tension and resentment.
C The camp was in a state of economic turmoil because of low wages.
D The camp’s leaders made an effort to work with one another in an attempt to unify their position community.

6. Which of the following passages from Journey to Topaz represents the most historically accurate detail?
A It was growing dark now and Yuki could see the string of lights that seemed to float over the water
B Maybe one block would be pink and lavender with rose-colored chimneys and roofs, and another block would be blue and green with some sunny yellow roofs
C For several weeks now, truckloads of volunteers had gotten permission to go out with picks and shovels to a river bank far beyond the barbed wire fence to bring back gravel for surfacing the roads, and saplings to plant throughout camp
D Mimi’s package was filled with presents for each of them as well as with evergreen branches that smelled of Christmas and green forests, and colored paper and ribbon to make decorations for the branches

7. Fear has made this country do something she will one day regret, Mr. Kurihara, but we cannot let this terrible mistake poison our hearts. What is most likely the intended effect of these words on the reader?
A experience worry for the Sakane family
B to understand that Mr. Toda is feeling sick
C to identify with Mother’s sense of hope for their future
D to feel proud of the actions taken by the American government

8. Which of the following passages from the novel best describes the setting?
A Mrs. Jamieson’s package contained sugared nuts, homemade cookies, and a fruitcake filled with spices and nuts and raisins.
B Her cot, surrounded by its monk’s cloth curtain, was warm and snug, she could hear the fire crackling to life in the pot-bellied stove and the kettle on top of it was beginning to hum.
C Even after Yuki had crept into her small cold cot near the window, she couldn’t stop thinking about the army recruiter and what he had said.
D For several weeks now the entire camp had been upset by a small group of bitter, frustrated, and fanatical men who seemed to hate everybody, especially those residents who worked with the Caucasian administrative staff class

9. Which of the following events from the novel occurs during the falling action of the novel?
A Yuki’s dog, Pepper, dies.
B Emi falls ill with tuberculosis.
C Ken decides to join the army.
D Mimi visits Yuki at the camp

10. After reading the novel, which of the following characters can you conclude is most negatively affected by his/her experiences?
A Father
B Mother
C Mr. Toda
D Mrs. Kurihara

11. Which of the following best describes how Yuki has changed?
A from child-like to mature
B from indifferent to curious
C from reserved to outgoing
D from ambitious to unmotivated

12. Which of the following passages best illustrates Mr. Kurihara’s attitude toward his imprisonment?
A Imagine serving tea to a guest for the first time in a horse stall.
B I never dreamed that America would do such a thing to us.
C Ha, you are young and do not know very much.
D Why isn’t the army forming all-German and all-Italian units?

13. Think about the themes that are developed and emerge through the characters and events in the novel. Is Journey to Topaz a story that is mostly about maintaining hope, or the importance of friendship? Decide which theme the story is mostly about. Support your position using specific examples and evidence from the story

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  1. You must be having an identity crisis. You've posted this three times under three different names in the last few minutes.

    You also seem to be fishing for answers. I'll bet you haven't even read this book!

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Hi! I go to connections academy too and I was just about to ask that same question! Help anyone?

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  3. Mrs. Sue, I have read this book and I was just looking for someone to check my answers. If you are not going to help I would prefer if you would not comment. And I believe you are confused, this is my first time even using this site.

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  4. Oh, dear! You have a problem. Four different people have posted from your Internet Address in Gastonia.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. I share a house/ internet with eight other people and a few of them are in the same grade as me...different classes though.

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  6. I wish someone would answer my question instead of accusing me of things and arguing with me

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  7. 1a

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  8. If I did English and not physics I would strike for more pay.

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  9. Thank you trixter!

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  10. Or not... those answers don't make any sense...thx tho

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  11. Lol yeah those aren't right they don't make sense. Can someone give legit answers please?

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  12. Try doing Trixter's answers but in the opposite order like 12 is 1 and 11 is 2 might be legit

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  13. IDK sadly... did u sumbit the answers already??

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  14. Umm I’ll give the answers again in a few mins

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  15. Did you get the answers?

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  16. I will give the answers when I complete the quiz. Hopefully will be soon but may not be.

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  17. pls hurry anonymous there is only a few hours left until the semester ends
    and thx

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  18. come on Anonymous, it has been over an hour now.

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