The equation y = 1.6x represents the number of laps Henry can swim over time, where y is the number of laps and x is time in minutes. The table shows the number of laps Larry can swim over time.

How many laps can each boy complete per minute, and who can swim laps at a faster rate?

laps per minute

laps per minute

The boy who swims at a faster rate is
. (Type H for Henry or L for Larry)

Time (min) 2.5 4 5.5 8
Laps completed 4.5 7.2 9.9 14.4

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  1. Assuming the data for Larry is linear,
    slope = (14.4 - 9.9)/(8-5.5)
    = 1.8

    Larry's equation would be y = 1.8x

    So Henry can do 1.6 laps per minute
    and Larry can do 1.8 laps per minute

    so who do you think can swim faster?

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  2. Larry

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