You get paid $12 per hour and need to make at least $460 this week to pay your bills. How many hours do you need to work this week?

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  1. What do you think you need to prove in order to find the amount of money you earn? This is very simple, you need to multiply in order to when you reach at least $460. That's what I did. 12 times 24 is 288, so multiply increasingly until you get at least $460 and the number you multiply by 12 is the answer and the amount of hours.

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  2. I'll even make it easier by saying if you multiply 12 by 40, you'll get 480 so now just multiply in seemingly lower values. Multiply 12 by 39, 38, 37... until you reach $460 or the minimum hours that'll get you $460. If you do this, it'll be ---39 hours---. By the way, I didn't give you the answer right away, since you should learn the process of concluding to your own answer.

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