An airplane is traveling 725 m/s at 48.8° degrees north of west when a wind starts to blow. The velocity of the wind is 106.7 m/s and it is blowing 21.8° east of north. What is the speed of the airplane relative to the ground?

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  1. Vp = 725m/s[W.48.8oN] + 106.7[E68.2N] =
    -725*Cos48.8+725*sin48.8 + 106.7*Cos68.2
    +106.7*sin68.2 = -478+546i + 39.6+99.1i = -438.4 + 645.1i = 780m/s[W55.8oN] =

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  2. Unless otherwise indicated, all angles are measured CCW from +x-axis.

    Vr = 725m/s[131.2o] + 106.7m/2[68.2o].

    X = 725*Cos131.2 + 106.7*Cos68.2= -438 m/s.

    Y = 725*sin131.2 + 106.7*sin68.2 = 645 m/s.

    Tan A = Y/X = 645/-438 = -1.47162.
    A = 55.8o N. of W.

    Vr = Y/sin A = 645/sin55.8 = 780 m/s.
    = Resultant velocity.

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