6 th grade SS

Can you check my answer

What do you think the political and economic future of Cyprus will be like?

The future of Cyprus will be a future governed by a new and different governmental and political structure. Like focusing on the economy instead of the politicial problems on settelemtnt and all. Like in the future I think they should maybe increade job opportunities and work on economy growth mostly on the Turkish Cypriot side. Also expanding activities in tourism, construction and finance. So yes I do think that they are going to improve because there are many possibilities of ways to improve.

asked by Crystal
  1. Looks good. I hope you're right.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Okay can you help me with one more question

    posted by Crystal
  3. Sure.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. Do you think Iran will continue to have economic problems?

    I think yes. Because even though they have a lot of oil they still have many political problems. Like they don't treat their women right. No one can dis agree with the government with out getting hug or something. Another thing is that people aren't even allowed to protest against the government. Another thing is that the government is a religious government so they are run by a religion. So if somebody doesn't follow the religion the government follows then they get in trouble. This means there isn't much religious freedm either.

    posted by Crystal
  5. What does a repressive government have to do with the economy? You do not make the connection. Iran's economic problems are largely a result of international sanctions imposed because the rest of the world (mostly) disapproves of Iran's nuclear program. Those sanctions are now in process of being eased. Will that solve Iran's economic problems?

    posted by Reed
  6. oh ok.
    So no I don't think they will continue to have economic problems because if only the problem was in the nuclear program which is now getting eased then yes they will most likely improve because other countries and places will be willing to help them and stop boycotting them.

    posted by Crystal
  7. Thanks sooo much for helping me ms sue and reed. I really appreciate it!. :)

    posted by Crystal
  8. I did this test and when i said there weren't going t be any problems, I got it wrong and my teacher told me to think about their lack of jobs, rise in population, and brain drain.

    posted by #SOCCERISLIFE
  9. And for the first one, what are they going to do for the political changes?

    posted by #SOCCERISLIFE
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  11. Dr. Parrott,

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