check my answers???
1. During Reconstruction, Southern agriculture thrived because it became more diverse and expanded with the diminishing demand for cotton and tobacco. *
True* or False

2. Identify the factor which helped limit the economic recovery of the South following the Civil War? *
Lack of a skilled labor force.
The lack of natural resources.
Very little capital investment into industrial projects.*
Much effort was initially focused on making repairs and recovering from the war.
3. During the Gilded Age, southern states invested heavily in education and technical training which helped industrialize the South. *
True* or False

4. Which of the following limited or took away rights from African-Americans? *
Civil rights Act of 1875
Local and state laws*
15th Amendment
14th Amendment
5. Identify where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads met to complete the transcontinental railroad. *
Sacramento, California
Omaha, Nebraska*
Virginia City, Nevada
Promontory, Utah
6. All of the following were natural resources which drew pioneers to settle in the West, except: *
7. Under the Homestead Act, pioneers could acquire 160 acres of land if they lived there for five years, dug a well, and built a road. *
True or False*

stars* are by my answers

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  1. #1 - no
    #2 - You checked two. It's not both.
    #3 - No
    #4 - Yes
    #5 - No
    #6 - No
    #7 - No - there was nothing about building a road or digging a well.

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  2. i check one for number 2. theres starts at the end of questions too

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  3. number 5 Sacramento, California ??

    number 6 gold?

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  4. Oh, I'm sorry. You did check one for #2, and you're right.

    #5 - still wrong. Read your text materials.

    #6 - still wrong. Ever heard of the Gold Rush or the Comstock Lode? Read your text materials. It really does help to read first, then answer the questions.

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  5. You've had two guesses at these questions. You're on your own now. Do not repost new guesses.

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  6. number 5 is Promontory, Utah.

    number 6 would be coal

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  7. 8. How did Native Americans and whites differ in their views on land use? *

    Native Americans saw themselves as part of nature and considered it sacred, while whites saw it as a natural resource used to produce wealth.

    Indian cultures had no regard for preserving land and were wasteful, while white settlers sought to preserve the land and keep it as natural as possible.

    Whites believed the land was sacred and fundamental to their religious beliefs.

    not sure about this one can you help me figure it out?

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