Two blocks of masses m1 = 4.5kg and m2 = 6.5kg resting on a frictionless area connected by light inextensible chord as shown. A horizontal force F of 33.0 N directed to the right is applied to m1 as shown. Find (A) acceleration and (B) tension of the chord?

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  1. So this gives you the mass and force of m1, use Newton's second law (F=m*a) to get the acceleration.... 33.0/4.5kg=7.33 m/s^2

    I drew this situation as

    [m1]----[m2] since the applied force was to the right the --- tension force becomes limp and should =0
    [m1]>~~_[m2] it's easier to imagine pulling a rope, if you take a step inward the rope becomes limp and has no tension force present anymore.
    Hope this helps!!

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