1.Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly ?
A.Zeus , the king of the gods , is father of Athen!@#$%^&*
B.Zeus the king of the gods , is father of Athena
C.Zeus, the king of the gods is father to Athena
D.Zeus the king of the gods is father , to Athena

2.In "The Sound of Thunder," Eckel's character is most developed by.
C.His actions***
D.Others' dialogue about him

(***)means my answer. please correct me if I'm wrong

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  1. 1. is right.
    2. I don't know; I haven't read this.

  2. If you're referring to Ray Bradbury's story in question 2, you're probably right. He almost never directly describes his characters (therefore, A and B are out). D is a possibility, but is not always used by Bradbury. C is most likely correct.

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