Match the following terms with their definitions.

A. skills that can be used in more than one occupation
B. following someone around at their job, as though you were their shadow
C. a statistical projection of the numbers of job openings expected in a field in the near future
D. what you learned about your skills, interests, personality, and values
E. arrangements that allow students to actually do a job, or to work with those who are doing the job they want to explore, under supervised conditions for a limited period of time
F. grouping of individual transferable skills into categories of related skills
G. the job you want
H. the choices you have after you have received your secondary (or high school) education
I. the process of choosing, from your list of careers that interest you, the occupations that you want to pursue

14. career matching


15. occupational objective


16. transferable skills


17. self-knowledge


18. occupational outlook


19. skill sets


20. job shadowing


21. internships


22. post–secondary options


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