Social Studies

1.What group of people organized trade in medieval cities?

2.In a European feudal society what is a fief?

3.Why did both Muslims and Christians want to control the Holy Land?

4.What technologies contributed to the Age of Exploration?

5.What advancements did Peter the Great make for Russia?

6.What is the Enlightenment?

7.What are some of the causes of the English Civil War?

8.What event led to World War ll?

9.Why did the Cold War end?

10.What countries are members of NAFTA?

11.Explain what the Renaissance was. Why was Northern Italy a good place for the Renaissance to start?

12.What was life like before the Industrial Revolution? What was life like after the Industrial Revolution?

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  1. This looks like a test, which no one here will write for you.

    You let us know what YOU THINK the answers are, and someone here will be happy to check your work.

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  2. 1 Guilds

    2 Land given in exchange for loyalty

    3 they believed it was a sacred place

    4 circumnaigation

    5 He modernized the army

    6 The power of reason is most important

    7 Charles I did not recognize Parliament's power

    8 German invasion of Poland

    9 Communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union collapsed

    10 The US Canada and Mexico

    11 Northern Italy was a natural birthplace because it was in the center of trade

    12 It was different because there wasn't any cars, kids worked, and you had to use rowboats or sailboats to travel on water.

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