English please help!

I really need someone to answer check my answers. If my answers are wrong please tell me what I did wrong.
Cross out any prepositional phrases. Underline the subject once and the verb/verb phrase twice.
1.) After class give the teacher your paper.
Phrase: after class, the teacher your paper
2.) From the town square, drive three miles to the inn.
Phrase: from the town square, three miles to the inn
3.) In January send the children to the nurse for a hearing test.
Verb: send
Phrase: in January, the children to the nurse for a hearing test
4.) Beyond that hill is a house without a roof.
Verb: without
Phrase: beyond that hill, a roof
5.) Near that city and past a mountain is a pot of gold for you.
Phrase: beyond that hill, past a mountain, of gold for you
Subject: (you)
Verb: pot
6.) Above the third shelf, you will find books about Abe Lincoln and concerning other aspects of American history.
Subject: you(in the sentence)
Verb: will find
Phrase: above the third shelf, about Abe Lincoln and concerning other aspects of American history.
7.) Walk past the gate and through the door to find a beautiful room without furniture.
Phrase: past the gate and though the door, a beautiful room without furniture
Verb: walk
8.) Do you live near me?
Subject: you
Verb: live
Phrase: near to me
9.) The model strolled in and looked around the room.
The and in this sentence is not crossed out.
Subject: model
Verb:strolled, looked
Phrase: around the room
10.) During the hayride, the leader jumped off of the wagon.
Verb: jumped
Subject: leader
Phrase: during the hayride, off of the wagon
11.) Someone like Jane can come over for a visit.
Verb: may come
Subject: Jane
Phrase: someone like, over for a visit
12.) In the breeze, the flower swayed up and down.
Verb: swayed
Phrase: in the breeze, up and down
13.) Dad will come along on the picnic tomorrow.
Verb: will come
Phrase: along on the picnic tomorrow
Subject: dad
14.) Our family went outside to take a picture.
Verb: went
Subject: family
Phrase: outside to take a picture
15.) Go in through the side entrance.
Verb: go
Phrase: in through the side entrance
16.) He crawled below the deck and remained inside.
The and in this sentence is not underlined along with the phrase.
Verb: crawled
Subject: he
Phrase: below the deck,remained inside
17.) The secretary and the accountant walked around and found the missing notebook in the trash can.
Verb: walked
subject: secretary, accountant
Phrase: around and found the missing notebook in the trash can.
18.) The oven has been turned off for an hour and thirty minutes.
Verb: has been
Subject: oven
Phrase: turned off for an hour and thirty mintues. The and in this sentence is underlined.
If someone has read my post, I will thank you.
I am really confused on the ands, at what times do you underline the ands and at what times do you not?
I always get the question wrong because of this.

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  1. Someone please answer my post, I have loads of homework and I am so stressed.

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  2. You are wrong in almost all here. Study these:



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  3. 1. only one prepositional phrase
    2. one phrase is wrong
    3. one phrase is wrong
    4. one phrase is wrong
    5. ok
    6. how many phrases are there?

    Please study this list and make corrections above. Also revise your other answers.


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    Ms. Sue
  4. You also sometimes confuse what is subject and verb. For example, in #16, crawled is a verb, but there are two verbs in that sentence, the second in the subordinate clause. You misidentify it. Re-read your text materials on subjects and verbs.

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  5. I always thought that there was always one verb in the sentence or at least a verb phrase. At what times should I have underlined the ands in the sentence?

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