Physical Education

Why do you think baseball is referred to as “America’s pastime?”

a. Because its enormous popularity as a spectator sport***
b. Because the founding father’s liked to play
c. Because Americans would rather play baseball than work
d. None of the above

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  1. Yes, a.

  2. Why do you think baseball is referred to as “America’s pastime?”


    Which of the following are key elements when batting?


    For safety sake, a ____________should always be worn when batting?


    What is one of the main differences between softball and baseball?


    The distance a softball is pitched from the mound to the batter is _________

    40 feet

    At what distance is a baseball pitched from the mound to the batter?


    What is the first thing a player should decide when learning to throw?


    What can be a common unexpected emotion when catching a ball?


    What is the position a batter takes at the plate called?


    What should you always remember to do when the ball makes contact with the bat?


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  3. I got 100%

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  4. YE dhGames is correct

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  5. No, 10 - What should you always remember to do when the bat makes contact with the ball? SCREAM!!!! muahahaahha "I hit my first ball today!!!" Dad speaks up, "Son, your not supposed to shriek like a banshee once you hit the ball, go inside and bother your mom."

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  6. DHGAMES is 100% correct!!!! :)

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  7. And DHGAMES is correct

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  8. iu'm correcct

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  9. bro why ms sue gotta come in here and ruin everyones day like go away sweaty

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  10. She literally just said "Hello".

    DHGAMES is correct.

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  11. Thanks @DHGAMES

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  12. I agree at UWU ...she didnt day hi actuallyshe said yes, a.

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  13. uwu is funny

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