Marie Coolidge is a new employee. She has five years of experience in a similar job, where she was paid $45,000–$65,000. She has four years of higher education. Her current salary will be $55,000.

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  1. connexus

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  2. Add sub minus division

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  3. wat

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  4. Marie Coolidge is a new employee. She has five years of experience in a similar job, where she was paid $45,000–$65,000. She has four years of higher education. Her current salary will be $55,000. Whats The Anwser Ms.Sue

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  5. 4: 55,000

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  6. If yall got the answer dm on ig:rigostackss

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  7. Cami is correctomundo 4:55,000(✿◡‿◡)

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