You are taking a flight from Daytona Beach to St. Louis. There is a stopover in Atlanta. The bearing from Daytona Beach to Atlanta is N 38.3 degrees W. The bearing from Dayton directly to St. Louis is N 43.4 degrees W. The distance of the first leg of the trip from Daytona to Atlanta is approximately 599.8 Kilometers. From Atlanta to St. Louis is another 748.4 kilometers.
a. What is the total length of the trip with the stopover?
b. How much shorter would it be to fly directly to St. Louis without the stopover?

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  1. did you make a sketch?

    for a) wouldn't you just add up the two distances ?

    b) my diagram is ABC, with angle B = 5.1°
    a = 599.8 , b=748.4

    by the sine law,
    sinA/599.8 = sin5.1/748.4
    A = 4.01037...°

    angle C = 180-5.1-4.01037... = .......

    now that you have angle C, use the sine law again to find AB

    take over

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  2. 1343.86

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