Which of the following is a NOT function of a vacuole?

packing of materials
transport of materials
storage of materials
breakdown of materials

I'm confused. I know that vacuoles store materials, in other words, C is not correct since it's true. But the rest are wrong as well! Right? Aren't A, B, and D played by other different things? If so, which one do I pick? Please help! Thanks

asked by SkatingDJ
  1. Actually, doing a little research... is the answer B? Transport of materials?

    posted by SkatingDJ
  2. No, B is not the correct answer. Rather, it is probably A.

    posted by Helpful Dude
  3. It was actually D... breakdown of materials. I had this at the very beginning (educational guess) but no matter:/ Thanks for the help anyways!:)

    posted by SkatingDJ
  4. Vacuoles in animal cells ARE vital to the breakdown of certain materials, though.

    From Wikipedia (well-cited):

    Phagocytosis ("cell eating") is the process by which bacteria, dead tissue, or other bits of material visible under the microscope are engulfed by cells. The material makes contact with the cell membrane, which then invaginates. The invagination is pinched off, leaving the engulfed material in the membrane-enclosed vacuole and the cell membrane intact. Pinocytosis ("cell drinking") is essentially the same process, the difference being that the substances ingested are in solution and not visible under the microscope. Phagocytosis and pinocytosis are both undertaken in association with lysosomes which complete the breakdown of the material which has been engulfed.

    posted by Helpful Dude

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