Plzzz help me-----Career

1. Sally needs to gather information about careers from a print or media source. Which of the following would be a reliable resource for her?

the Occupational Outlook Handbook***
Teen magazine
Dateline NBC
A&E's Dirty Jobs

2. Jim's mom is an accountant. He has learned quite a bit of information from her about her career. What kind of source of information about careers would this be considered?


3. Hugh has made an appointment to speak with a local librarian about their job. What kind of exploration is Hugh setting up?

job shadowing
informational interview***
career presentation

4. Susan has always wanted to be a veterinarian. When doing her research, she answers all self-assessments geared towards that career and is only researching that one career. Which important component of career research is Susan neglecting?

Keep an open mind.
Search your heart.
Think of careers that interest you.
Consider your skills and abilities.***

5. Peter has called a friend's uncle who is an archeologist to ask him about his recent expedition. What important skill has Peter just used?


6. Which of the following is an example of networking?

Stephen has contacted a radiologist from the local yellow pages to interview about her career.

Yusef has asked his football coach if he knows of any professional athletes that he could interview about their career.***

Samantha has made an appointment with her local career center to learn more about becoming a pilot.

Charlie is using the Occupational Outlook Handbook to find more information about the field of architecture.

7. Regarding informational interviews, it is best to always:

Set up an appointment with someone with whom you wish to conduct an informational interview.***
Use the yellow pages to find someone with whom you wish to conduct an informational interview.
Ask someone to work around your schedule when setting up an informational interview.
Ask for a job at the end of an informational interview.

8. Entrepreneurs are important to our economy because they:

provide jobs.
provide inspiration and motivation to our economy.
provide new products and services.
all of the above.***

9. It is wise for entrepreneurs to acquire:

marketing knowledge.***
a factory.
a home office.
knowledge of technology.

10. It is best to choose a career that others think you would be good at.


11. Most people will only engage in career exploration once in their lifetime, so you should make it count!


12. When completing career exploration, it is wise to consult your own knowledge of your skills, abilities and interests, your family and friends, and print or online resources.


13. You should go into an informational interview without any prior knowledge of the person or their career.



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  1. @Ms. Sue or @Reed Can u make sure this is right?

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  2. I disagree with your answers for 11 and 12. The others are correct.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. SO,

    11. B

    12. A Right?

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  4. Right.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. thanks!

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