Language Arts

The directions are underline the nouns in the sentence and say if they are common, proper or collective.

1. The boy will go to the mall.-underline boy and it is a common noun
2. I saw an orange pumpkin at Walmart-underline pumpkin which in my opinion would be a common noun and underline Walmart which would be a proper noun
3. King Simon was famous for his army. -underline King Simon which would be a proper noun and army which would be collective
4. A committee of five was appointed-underline the word committee which would be collective
5. We saw a fleet of ships in the harbour. -underline the word fleet which would be collective
6. He gave me a bunch of grapes.-underline the word bunch which is collective
7. We took the family to Olive Garden.-underline the word family which would be collective and underline Olive Garden which is a proper noun.

Please be so kind as to look this over and let me know if I am right or wrong or if there is anything I may have missed

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asked by Patrick
  1. 1. There's another noun.
    2. There's another noun.
    5. There are two more nouns.
    6. There's one more noun.

    Your answers are correct.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Hello Mrs. Sue,

    Below are my corrected answers:
    1. Underline boy and then underline mall which are both common nouns
    2. I am confused on number two
    5. Underline also ships which I believe would be a collective noun and underline harbour which i believe is a common noun
    6. also underline grapes which i believe is a common noun

    Can you please double check this for me

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    posted by Patrick
  3. first you can write the answers and you write i can heip thing to do the so how you can you do and how you can not do and you find your thing to write and you can not put not the answers.

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    posted by Anonymous

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