Social Studies

3. The Pilgrims wrote the Mayflower Compact to establish ______.
a. blue laws
b. religious toleration
c. government by consent***************
d. representative government
6. Which of the following was not a challenge experienced by the first settlers in South Carolina?
a. the spread of deadly diseases
b. hostility from Native Americans
c. poor leadership of the colony
d. lack of materials to build homes********************************
10. Why did the Regulators form in the Up Country and not in the Low Country?
a. The The Low Country had sheriffs and established courts to deal with outlaws.
b. The Up Country did not trust the sheriffs and courts established by the Low Country.
c. The Up Country lacked transportation to the courts, so the Regulators were a convenience.
d. The Low Country did not have as many outlaws as the Up Country and did not need the Regulators.*********

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  1. I'm not Ms. Sue, but am a tutor. Your answers seem correct to me.

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  2. Yes, these questions are right

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  3. Can someone tell me the answers I need them now really fast

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