Identify the correct sentence:
A.A great year for music was 1984
B.Nineteen eighty four was a great year for music.
C. 1984 was a great year for music.
D.A great year for music was nineteen eighty four.


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  1. No. I think the rules are changing on this, but it is not correct, in traditional grammar, to begin a sentence with numerals. Within a sentence, it is correct to use numerals instead of spelling out big numbers like 1984, but one spells it out at the beginning. B is correct. But that rule may be changing by common use (which is how language changes in all times and places).

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  2. Reed, how annoying. Wish it'd be as simple as C. I will be selecting B and will be confirming if this is the correct answer with a follow up message soon.

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  3. Got it wrong by choosing B. What a pain.

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  4. The answer is C. D and B are wrong because eighty four is not hyphenated

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  5. It's not C, because I took this quiz and C was wrong. It is A because you do not start a sentence with numerals, but you also do not spell out the year in a sentence. You only spell our decades and centuries.

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  6. Can confirm the correct answer is A

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