As of today, Jeff's age is three times Ming's age. Tina's age is four more than two times Ming's age. Next year, Jeff's age will be seven more than two times Ming's age.

A. As of today, how many times as old as Ming is Tina? Justify your response

B. Let R(x) represent the ratio of Tina's age in years to Ming's age in years, and let x represent the number of years from now, either past or future. Write R as a function of x.

I really don't even know where to start!
Thank you for your help!

asked by Austen
  1. Just translate the English into Math

    Ming's age --- x
    Jeffs age is 3x
    Tina's age = 2x+4

    next year:
    Jeff's age = 3x+1
    Ming's age = x+1

    It said: 3x+1 = 2(x+1) + 7
    3x+1 = 2x+2+7
    x = 10

    So today:
    Ming is 10
    Jeff is 30
    Tina is 24

    A. So it looks like today, Tina is 2.4 times as old as Ming

    B. R(x) = (24+x)/(10+x)

    posted by Reiny

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