Algebra 1

A drama club wants to raise at least $500 in ticket sales for its annual show. The members of the club sold 50 tickets at a special rate of $5. The usual ticket price the day of the show is $7.50. At least how many tickets do they need to sell the day of the show to meet the goal?

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  1. 500 - (50 * 5) = 250

    250 / 7.5 = ________ tickets

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 33.3333333

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  3. 33.3333

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  4. The arlington drama club is selling tickets to an upcoming play. They can sell at most 250 tickets. The adult tickets sell for $15 each and student tickets cost $5 each.They would like to raise at least $2000. If x represents the number of adult tickets and y represents the number of student tickets. Write a system of inequalities that models this situation. If half the tickets are sold to students,could this solve the system that you created?justify your answer.

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  5. The drama club is selling tickets to their play to raise money for the show's expenses. Each student ticket sells for $8 and each adult ticket sells for $11.50. The auditorium can hold at most 81 people. The drama club must make at least $760 from ticket sales to cover the show's costs. If 43 student tickets were sold, determine the minimum number of adult tickets that the drama club must sell in order to meet the show's expenses. If there are no possible solutions, submit an empty answer.

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