I have several questions
4: The image above shows particles in a medium. Which of the following shows the best conditions for a sound wave to travel?
a, b, c, d----My answer is C

12. Which letter shows the type of wave that can be seen by the human eye?
a. b. c. d----my answer is D

15. What does object A do when it acts as a transmitter?
A receives radio signals***
B prevents radio signals
C sends radio signals
D reduces radio signals

16 The electromagnetic wave shown above is made of vibrating
a transverse and longitudinal waves***
b electric and magnetic fields
c gamma and UV rays
d radio infrared rays

17 In the diagram above three beams of light encounter a medium. Light ray A is reflected, while light rays B and C are absorbed. How can the medium be described
a transparent
b translucent*****
c opaque
d clear

19 The light ray is entering the water from the air. How should the light ray respond to the change of medium?
a it will slow down and bend downward
b it will speed up and bend downward***
c it will slow down and bend upward
d it will speed up and bend upward

Thank you for your help in advance... I have attached a picture of the graphs

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  1. It would help if you proofread your questions before you posted them.

    For several questions, we have no idea what the letters indicate.

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  2. The answers are:
    4. A
    12. B
    15. C
    16. B
    17. C
    19. A
    Trust me, 100%

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  3. If you want to check your answers, @Morgan is right for Connexus. (P.S, it's in another answer link...)

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  4. do u have all the answers?

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