1. To insert clip art into a document, what step should I take after I find the clip art I want to insert?

A. Use the scroll bars to find more choices of clip art
B. Click on the clip art image
C. Click on the clip art button
D. Click the Insert tab at the top of the screen**

2. To edit the text in a SmartArt graphic, what must be done first?

A. Analyze the information in the text box.**
B. Reformat the information in the text box.
C. Highlight the information in the text box.
D. Delete in the information in the text box.

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  1. For number 2 I meant to say D

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  2. are these answers correct

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  3. 3 is B

    4 is D plz trust me

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  4. MEGAN is correct just took the quick check

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  5. the answers are





    100% i took quick check

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  6. he right

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  7. Thanks

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  8. ._. Is correct, Thanks!

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  9. answers for connect are

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  10. What the heck it up with the Chinese or Japanese signs/language for baguettes and cash lol translate to see what im saying

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  11. Also rick is right

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