1.)your skills are the things (1 point)
A.)Your like to do
B.)You can do
C.)That are most rewarding to you on the job
D.)Regarding the ways you usually think and behave

2.)An event is probably a pride experience for you want to tell people which of the following
A.)"I wish I could do that!"
B.)"I'm glad I never have to do that again!"
C.)"My parents made me do it!"
D.)"I did it myself!"

3.)Tamara is having a hard TIME REMEMBERING HER PRIDE EXPERIENCES. She could get some ideas by:
A.)Asking friends and relatives to help her
B.)Looking at her favorite belongings
C.)Going through her old photographs
D.)Doing all of these

4.)Scott just started a new job that requires many of the same organizational and communication skills as his last job. these skills are scott's:
A.)Big Five
B.)Carrer types
C.)Transferable Skills
D.)Type Indicators

5.)Antonia asks her what she most often does does when she has free time and what her favorite subject is school. Antonia is trying to figure out her
D.)All of these

6.)All Marcia's friends and relatives tell her about their personal promblems because she listens so well and is good at making them feel better. This shows that Marcia has strong skills with:
D.)All of these

7.)To get the most out of online carrer self-assessment tests, you should:
A.)Take more than one test
B.)Try to answer so you get the result you want
C.0Skip reading all the background information and go straight to the test
D.)Do all of these

8.)Michael is arranging and rearranging several sticky notes that list his interests. He is trying to;
A.)Avoid writing his resume
B.)Identify his personal traits
C.)Prioritize his favorite interests
D.)Choose his teamwork role

9.) A great career choice for you is one that caters to:
A.)Yours skills
B.)Your interests
C.)Your personality
D.)All of these

10.)Wren just took an online test that provides scores in the areas of conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness to experience, emotional stability, and introversion-extraversion. This is a test of:

A.)Job skills
B.)Preferred team roles
C.)Personality Traits
D.)Career types

11.)Groups of people who tend to think and act in similar ways are called:

A.)Career types
B.)Personality types
C.)Personality TIPs
D.)Career Roles

Your personality is related to your career choice because it affects

A.)The things you like to do

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  1. (Unfinished Question)
    12.)Your personality is related to your career choice because it affects
    A.)The things you like to do
    B.)How you make decisions
    C.)How you react to people and events
    D.)All of these

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  2. I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. 1.)a
    are these correct?

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  4. These are correct: 3, 5, 7, 11.

    The others are wrong.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. thanks but whats 1,2,4,6,8,9,10,&12???

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  6. Study. Your. Assignment!

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    Ms. Sue
  7. how im supost to do that when I they only assigned question with no story or nothing, can you find 1 for me?

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  8. 1. B
    2. D
    3. D
    4. C
    5. B
    6. A
    7. A
    8. C
    9. D
    10. C
    11. B
    12. D
    13. A
    14. B
    15. D
    16. D
    17. A
    18. A
    19. C Holland’s Career Types
    20. D Myers-Briggs type indicator
    21. B Big Five Theory
    22. A Belbin’s Team Roles
    23. False
    24. True
    25. True
    26. False
    27. False
    28. False
    29. True
    30. True
    31. False
    32. False

    100% Guarantee!!! ^.^

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  9. thanks!! 100%

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  10. Tysm, u r awesome! ~^.^~

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  11. 100 thank u

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  12. She's right

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  13. She's right

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  14. Kiki is correct. I got a 100%. Trust me, apparently I go to the same school she goes to.

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  15. Kiki is a life savor!!!!

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  16. Thank you

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  17. thank you =)

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