Which of the following expresses a main idea from Always to Remember?

a.Maya Ying Lin was a talented and smart college student who became a designer.

b.Maya Ying Lins family life, travel experiences, and education provided her a background necessary for a winning design.

c.Maya Ying Lin was raised by talented and artistic parents who gave her the knowledge to design well.

d.Maya Ying Lins visit to memorials in Europe made her interested in honoring veterans

I'm not sure?

asked by Amber
  1. D is the answer I chose?

    posted by Amber
  2. I haven't read that work, but is D a driving force in her actions throughout the book?

    posted by Writeacher
  3. im tryna figure out the same thing , I cant wait till I go back to public school . :(



    posted by 8TH GRADER
  4. I cant wait to go back to online school gettin on my nerves

    posted by I am in 8th Grade to
  5. 8TH GRADER is right but I disagree with public school I love home school because you don't have to get up early in the morning

    posted by Salted Caramel
  6. The correct answers are
    Just got 100% 3/3

    posted by K
  7. K & 8th grader r right:) Thanks!

    posted by Anonymous
  8. 8th grader is correct

    posted by
  9. 8th grader is correct. 3 of 3. got a 100%

    posted by Demonboy
  10. aye you were right ty

    posted by deez nutz
  11. didnt think so
    so you thought

    posted by QUENTIN
  12. 8th grader is right

    posted by Alanna
  13. ty

    posted by thanks ^
  14. Yo, those answers are right lol but do any of you go to Connections Academy ???

    posted by Angelica (;
  15. sure do

    posted by that_kid_day
  16. Just took the test!

    posted by Angel <3
  17. I took the test last week, and yes the answers were

    posted by CORRECT
  18. no the answers are B A B just took the test like 5 minutes ago.

    posted by ___
  19. The answers are:
    I literally just took the test and i got a 100!

    posted by Sara
  20. BAB and does everyone go to connections

    posted by .
  21. You guys know that doing this goes against the school policy for Connections Academy, right. You could get in serious trouble for doing this. Please try to abstain from doing this anymore.

    posted by Muhammad Ikram
  22. 1. b
    2. a
    3. b
    this is correct, no matter what.

    posted by xy
  23. thanks the answer were correct




    posted by love help
  24. Its B,A,B

    posted by RazorDragon359
  25. bab

    posted by Sal
  26. They are correct 100%




    These are 100% correct trust me just took the test

    posted by Katie pickle
  27. BAB

    posted by LEgit_VIPer
  28. The answers are
    1. B
    2. A
    3. B
    I got a 3/3 100%

    I seriously want to go back to public school. I hate being home schooled.

    posted by i hate connection academy
  29. To i hate connection academy
    I'm lonely

    1. B
    2. A
    3 B

    It's always cold here

    posted by Talon
  30. Thanks y'all! <3

    posted by Jennifer
  31. ANY 8TH GRADER WHO WANTSTA ADD ME IM ON CONNECTIONS AND MY NAME IS CORAL *im prob the only coral and if not my last name starts with an mar****

    posted by iampepethefrog
  32. alright tnx m8

    posted by damn
  33. The answers are B A B 100%

    posted by Smartiequeen
  34. I wish I had skiped a grade last year every one was so friendly also if your reading this I hate connections and I'm lonely to I am a very social person and always grounded usually its when I would be at school if I was in public

    posted by LOLOLOLOLOL
  35. B
    I got a 100%

    posted by Anonymous
  36. Who else is surprised "John" isn't here?

    posted by Violet
  37. 1. B
    2. A
    3. B
    Is correct.

    posted by Anonymous
  38. Thanks 8th grader

    posted by Ty
  39. Who's John?

    posted by BebebebebebB
  40. thank you:)

    posted by Taylor
  41. B

    posted by Karma
  42. B
    B I got a 100% on this!

    posted by Haha
  43. can someone that goes to connexus help me with this 18 question test????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    posted by bailey Begley
  44. Yo im soooo readyyy to go bck to public school its like a yung niqqa on house arrest ._. aye but add me on ig @ wavyyy._2x

    posted by THANK ME L8ter
  45. Thx

    posted by Bobby

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