Check my answers please??
Match the litter of the author with his or her description. Not all letters will be used.
A. William Bradford
B. Captain John Smith
C. Anne Bradstreet
D. Okaudah Equiano
E. Thomas Paine
F. Thomas Jeffereson

1. I wrote an account of my voyage across the sea on the Mayflower.
my answer: A. William Bradford
2. My persuasive writing opposed reconciliation with Great Britain.
my answer: E. Thomas Paine
3. My writing style includes rhyming couplets.
my answer: C. Anne Bradstreet
4. In 1776, when otheres were hesitant, I drafted the grievances of the Colonies.
my answer: F. Thomas Jefferson
5. My account of the Middle Passage created a new genre of narratives.
my answer: D. Olaudah Equiano

6. The following words share a denotative meaning. Which one has a negative connotaiton?
a. confident
b. ceratin
c. decisive
d. demanding (MY ANSWER)

7. Read the following Chippewa song. Identify its purpose.
A loom I thought it was
But it was
My love's
splashing oar.
a. to persuade
b. to inform
c. to express (MY ANSWER)
d. to analyze

8. Which of the following statemetns about early American and Colonial literature is true?
a. the literature primarily centers on religious theme.
b. the voices of women and minorities are absent from this period.
c. Early american and Colonial literature did not exist before the printing press.
d. Different authors share similar purposes and genres. (MY ANSWER)

9. Which of the following is a primary source form early American and colonial literature?
a. "Religion in the colonies" Discovery Education streaming movie
b. An essay about Olaudah Equiano
c. "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" by Jonathan Edwards
d. the Library of Congress website

10. Which of the following phrases best defines stanza?
a. repeated sounds across lines of poetry
b. a poems cadence, pace, or ongoing momentum
c. a collection of lines in a poem
d. a steady rhyme scheme (MY ANSWER)

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  1. 8, 9, 10 are wrong. The others are right.

    Check your text materials for 8.

    9. A primary source is one written about events that the author saw or experienced him/herself.

    10. Look up stanza in a dictionary.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 8. A
    9. i thought it was like about today and how we learn about it now, sorry. my answer is b ?
    10. c

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  3. 8. A -- yes
    9. B -- no. An essay about a person is not a primary source.
    10. C - yes

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    Ms. Sue
  4. Faith email me, if you need anymore help. Givenchywest001@gmail

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  5. Ms. Sue you are under arrest for helping a student with a unit test

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  6. 9 is C

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  7. Whats the answers to the short answer questions ?

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