The following data were collected for determining the concentration of suspended solids in a water sample. (D= 1.01 g/mL). Express all calculated data with the correct number of significant figures.

Volume of sample (mL):
Trial 1: 25.0
trial 2: 20.0
trial 3: 50.0
trial 4: 25.0
trial 5: 20.0
trial 6: 25.0

Mass of sample (g):
Trial 1:
trial 2:
trial 3:
trial 4:
trial 5:
trial 6:

Mass of dry solid (g):
Trial 1: 10.767
trial 2: 8.436
trial 3: 21.770
trial 4: 10.826
trial 5: 8.671
trial 6:10.942

Mass of solid/mass of sample (g/g):
Trial 1:
trial 2:
trial 3:
trial 4:
trial 5:
trial 6:


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