Where is the thesis in this please help
Bullies can be anywhere, but there's no place they show up more than in schools, and no time more than in September. Once the academic year starts, the complicated social hierarchy of a campus — popular kids, nerdy kids, ADHD kids, nerdy ADHD kids who are popular because they sell Adderall — gets reinvented. But this fall the casual brutality of the schoolyard seems particularly bitter. In the past few weeks, at least three teenage boys — one in Houston, one in Greensburg, Ind., and one in a small central California city called Tehachapi — have committed suicide after being bullied. And, on Sept. 22, a freshman at Rutgers University, Tyler Clementi, threw himself from the George Washington Bridge in New York City. His roommate had secretly recorded a video of Clementi kissing a guy; the video went up on YouTube. On Facebook, Clementi offered a final status update: "jumping off gw bridge sorry."

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asked by Angel
  1. The thesis is the overall MAIN IDEA that is the basis for the entire paper following this paragraph (if this is supposed to be the introduction, that is). The thesis generally doesn't include details that would be included as supporting details in the paper itself.

    Which one sentence do you think is the main idea?

  2. This may also help you:

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    posted by Reed

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