please check the following answers and review the questions. tank you

1. 2/3 * negative 6 * 5
my answer: -100

2. a landscaper installs 12 sections of trellis. each section of trellis is 3/4 yard long. how many yards of trellis are installed altogether?
my answer: 9 yards of trellis are installed altogether

3. a biologist uses a box-shaped fish trap that measures 1/4-meter by 2/3-meter by 3/5-meter. what is the volume of the trap in cubic meters?
my answer: 1/10-meters^3 is the volume of the trap

4. the temperature at noon is 75 degrees fahrenheit. the temperature drops 3 degrees every half hour. what is the temperature at 4 p.m.?
my answer: the temperature at 4 p.m. is 51 degrees fahrenheit

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  1. (2/3)*(-6)*5
    = -20

    the others are correct

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  2. tank you tutor reiny

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