A medical rescue helicopter is flying at an average speed of 172 miles per hour toward its base hospital. At 2:42 p.m., the helicopter is 80 miles from the hospital. Use this information for Items 4–6.
4. Which equation can be used to determine m, the number of minutes it will take the helicopter to
reach the hospital? A. 172(60m) = 80
C. 172(m)=80
B. 172 (60 )= 80 172
D. 60m=80
5. Solve the equation, and interpret the solution.
6. An emergency team needs to be on the roof of the hospital 3 minutes before the helicopter arrives. It takes the team 4 minutes to reach the roof. At what time should the team start moving to the roof to meet the helicopter? Explain your reasoning.
Please explain step by step how u did it I have a test tomorrow I need help

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