Can someone correct my answers, please? I really need help!

(Underlined words have parenthesis over them, and anything with asterisks by them means that's what I believe the answers are.)

6. Choose the function of the underlined word in the sentence.
Call (me) before Friday night.

A) Direct object
B) Predicate nominative
C) Predicate adjective****
D) Indirect Object

8. Choose the function of the underlined word in the sentence.
Does the milk smell a bit (sour) to you?

A) Indirect object****
B) Predicate adjective
C) Direct object
D) Predicate nominative

11. Choose the function of the underlined word or words in the sentence.
Her favorite was a sweater (with big pockets).

A) Adjective phrase
B) Appositive
C) Appositive phrase****
D) Adverb phrase

12. Choose the function of the underlined word or words in the sentence.
Everywhere, some men always sought a land (beyond the sea).

A) Appositive phrase
B) Adjective phrase****
C) Appositive
D) Adverb phrase

13. Choose the word the prepositional phrase modifies.
Students, please submit your essays (to your teachers).

A) essays
B) Students
C) submit
D) please****

14. Choose the word the prepositional phrase modifies.
The painting (of the horse) hangs in the museum.

A) painting
B) museum
C) horse****
D) hangs

15. Choose the function of the underlined word or words in the sentence.
(In our house,) we don't allow people to wear shoes.

A) appositive
B) appositive phrase
C) adjective phrase****
D) adverb phrase

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  1. 12 is right. The others are wrong.

    Would you like me to post a website that will help you learn these terms?

  2. Yes please, I've been struggling with these due to having a developmental disability so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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