Which of the following systems have high entropy? Which systems have low entropy?

a. papers scattered randomly across a desk
b. a freshly opened pack of cards
c. a cultivated field of cabbages
d. a room after a party

Whomever designed this question doe not understand the concept of entopy: Energy not available for useful work.

Apparently, whomever wrote the question is trying to relate entropy to ordered or unordered systems, which in come cases may be related to entropy, but in the above choices are not.
The definition above in the dictionary is in fact the physics and thermodynamic definition of enropy.
The question with the choices given is nonsense.

Holt Physics designed the question. It is in my physics text book.

I suspected as much.

Give the "right " answer, just look at the order in the system. However, remember that this has little to do with entropy.

Here is a nice short article , if you want to develop your mind.
(Broken Link Removed) 6

In the above link, Common misconceptions held by chemistry student
is another commentary on the Entropy idea.

(Broken Link Removed)

is the right link

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  1. ok but like- what do they want me to put- 😅

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  2. Draw a sketch to show the force actinf on the climber

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