An unsuspecting bird is coasting along in an easterly direction at 4.00 mph when a strong wind from the south imparts a constant acceleration of 0.300 m/s2. If the acceleration from the wind lasts for 2.70 s, find the magnitude, r, and direction, θ, of the bird\'s displacement during this time period. (HINT: assume the bird is originally travelling in the x direction and there are 1609 m in 1 mile.)

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  1. Vb = 4mi/h * 1609m/mi * 1h/3600s = 1.79

    Vw = a*t = 0.30 * 2.7 = 0.81 m/s.

    Vr. = sqrt(Vb^2+Vw^2) = 1.96 m/s. = Resultant velocity.
    D = Vr*t = 1.96*2.7 = 5.29 m.

    Tan A = Y/X = Vw/Vb = 0.81/1.79=0.45251
    A = 24.3o = Direction.

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