A factory is to be built on a lot measuring 210 ft by 280 ft. A local building code specifies that a lawn of uniform width and equal in area to the factory must surround the factory.

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  1. so, draw a diagram, label the dimensions and answer whatever question you have (not shown).

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  2. What must the width of the lawn be?
    and If the dimensions of the factory are A ft by B ft with A<B, then A=? B=?

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  3. something tells me you did not draw a diagram or do much of anything else. The area of the lot is 58800.

    So, if the lawn has width w, the factory has dimensions


    and we know that its area is half of the lot. So,

    (210-2w)(280-2w) = 58800/2
    Now just solve that for w, and you can then find the desired dimensions

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  4. Thanks, those are the same results that I got, but I don't know why it keeps giving me a note that it says that my answer is wrong.

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  5. I hope you got w=35. Then the dimensions are 140x210

    140*210 = 29400, half of the lot's area.

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