1) How does New Mexico's landscape mostly vary?
It has both very wet and very dry regions.
Some parts are flat, but others are mountainous.**********
Coastal regions are cooler than inland regions.
Farmland in some areas requires a great deal of irrigation, but other parts flood often.
2. Which early Native Americans were ancestors of the modern-day Pueblo peoples?
3. Which characteristics did all early Native Americans in New Mexico share?
They all built wickiups.
They all built kivas.***********
They were all very war-like.
They were all skilled farmers.
4. What was one result of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680?
The Spanish began opening new missions in New Mexico.
New Mexico became part of an independent Mexico.
Native Americans forced the Spanish to change religions.
Spanish colonizers temporarily lost control of New Mexico.******
5. Based on New Mexico's transition from territory to statehood, which conclusion is best supported?
Hispanics had little interest in being part of the United States.
White Americans distrusted those who were not like them.
Native Americans did not have voting rights in the United States.******
President William H. Taft was a native of New Mexico.
6. Which of the following groups does NOT make up a higher-than-average percentage of the New Mexican population?
African Americans******
Native Americans
7. Which type of art would a visitor to New Mexico most likely find in an art gallery?
a calligraphy inscription by a local Japanese American
a historical painting by a famous French artist
a modern sculpture incorporating urban debris
a piece of pottery inspired by Native American designs******
8. Which cultural site would the modern Pueblo peoples most likely consider sacred?
a Spanish mission near Santa Fe
a kiva in Chaco Canyon********
the burial grounds at Ute Mountain
the Grand Cavern in Carlsbad Caverns
9. Which conclusion is best supported by the ongoing debate over land grants in New Mexico?
Heirs of land grants believe they have a valid claim to lands now inhabited by others.
Native American claims to their reservations are based on a federal court*****
decision that may not be legal.
Most landowners in New Mexico lack the right to buy and sell property.
New Mexico's laws carefully protect places with important natural resources.
10. Which statement best summarizes a main characteristic of kachina religion?

Only women can take part in religious ceremonies.
Ute Mountain is the most sacred natural site.
Hundreds of spirit beings influence the human world.
The Anasazi were gods who must be revered.******
11. How are the Pueblo peoples most likely to use technology today?

by researching nuclear power
by constructing adobe cliff dwellings
by building simple agricultural tools
by promoting businesses on the Internet********
12. Which of the following best exemplifies the spatial distribution of New Mexico's economy?
Most logging takes place in the state's dense national forests.
Most uranium mining has been done on in regions with hills and mountains.***
Most tourism is concentrated in just one corner of New Mexico.
Most ranching is concentrated on Native American reservations.
13. Which industry accounts for about 5 percent of New Mexico's economy and employs about 85,000 people?
agriculture ****
military and defense
scientific research
14. Water pollution is an especially important problem for New Mexicans to address because
water resources are scarce.***
many New Mexicans make a living by fishing.
rivers and lakes are part of most communities.
waterpower supplies most of the state's energy.
15. Which of the following pieces of evidence best supports the claim that human activity is causing warming temperatures?
Spanish colonists undertook large mining operations in New Mexico.
Early Native Americans engaged in irrigation and construction.
Warming temperatures contribute to more and longer droughts.
Temperatures have increased mostly since factories became common.****
16. Which of the following activities could best be categorized as water resource management?
An environmental group urges tourists to avoid swimming in a popular lake.
Lakes and rivers are part of many national parks.
A local government passes a law that people may water their yards only at night.****
Water parks use thousands of gallons of water to construct new attractions.
17. How do national parks help New Mexicans conserve their land?
National parks protect natural, historical, and cultural sites.****
Tourists are forbidden to visit most national parks.
National parks primarily serve as wildlife preserves.
Government pays volunteers to work at national park sites.
18. Which of the following actions would be most helpful in conserving an important historical site?
People can visit the site in large groups.
Traditional cultures can develop ceremonies that use the site.
Activists can ask for the site to be declared a national landmark.****
Developers can move the buildings on the site so something else can be put there.

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    The rest of the answers for 4 - 9 are right.

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